Gaudin Mutagoma (Born August 5, 1987) is Christian, Father and Pastor, known for his Passion for Christ Since his young age at Rwamagana secondary school(St Aloys) up to Annamalai University in India. . He is the Founder of New Seed Ministries #based in Kigali Rwanda, aiming at Transforming souls, Families and Communities through Discipleship.(Know Jesus and Make Jesus Known).

He was born to Karakasi claver () and Nyiravara Dancille (). Pastor Gaudin grew up in a family of Eleven Children and he is the last one. He become a Christian during his young age at high school, letter he attended Annamalai University (Tamil nadu-south India ) where he received his B.A Human rights, He is a charismatic leader and called to be a Pastor and ordained on13/dec/ 2014 in India, where he was the Leading Pastor at Lord’s Light Fellowship(international Christian Fellowship at Annamalai University in India), In 2015, Since 2015 worked as Associate Pastor At New Jerusalem Church Rwanda till feb, 2021 where he his called for Other assignment in the kingdom.

Pastor M.Gaudin also Known as a worshiper, you can Visit Pastor’s Channel by Clicking on this Link

New Seed Ministries.

Personal Life.He is married to Sylvia Gaudin and blessed with two beautiful Children (Jasper and Jaleesa)
Email: pstgaudin@gmail.comPhone: +250788315053/+250788319339

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